Technology - Why Algae?


Why Algae?

The Process

Our Value Add


Our refineries use algae for six reasons:

(1) It is the fastest growing organism on earth, reproducing in nature at a rate of 100% its mass in a single day. In a controlled environment we can accelerate that growth by 350% or more;

(2) Unlike seasonal crops, algae can be grown year round;

(3) It is consistent in quality compared to other feed crops that vary year to year;

(4) Algae does not require agricultural land and does not compete with food crops for this resource;

(5) It grows in all climates, from the arctic to the equator, so we are likely to have local sources of algae for all refineries; and

(6) There are over 350 thousand known strains of algae on the planet so we can select a strain to meet our customer’s specific needs.

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