Making carbon fuel a green economy

We know cement companies produce a lot of CO2. And we know they are not going away. But what if we lived in a world where the carbon they emit could be sequestered and turned into renewable products they could use? What if this solution saved the emitters a lot of money? What if it actually made them a lot of money? In a world where CO2 is increasingly taxed, capped and traded, this is precisely our mission.

Who we are:
Genesis Biofuel engineers, builds and sells turnkey algal biodiesel refineries to cement companies. These refineries maximize the sequestration of CO2, offering a highly efficient method of pollution control that makes money for our customers.

Our primary mission is to eliminate carbon taxes and create carbon tax credits for our customers who are potentially subject to hundreds of millions in carbon penalties annually.

These refineries take CO2 directly from the flue. Combined with sunlight, the CO2 is used to grow algae in a highly controlled environment. The refinery has two end products: biomass and biodiesel. The biomass reduces our customers’ intake of coal and the biodiesel fuels their entire trucking and heavy equipment fleet. In addition to eliminating carbon penalties, the sale of surplus biodiesel on the open market gives our customers a recurring income stream.



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